When to Go

The New Zealand cruise season lasts from September through March. New Zealand’s seasons are opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. So when it’s winter in North America, New Zealand is right in the middle of its summer season, which is characterized by plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. This is the perfect time for tourists who want to flee colder climates in search of exotic locales, but also the busiest. If you don’t mind windy weather in the spring or wet and cold weather in the winter, consider cruising New Zealand in April through September. There will be fewer tourists packing the sites and prices tend to be a little lower. Overall, New Zealand’s weather is unpredictable and hard to forecast. Regardless of when you go, be prepared for sudden temperature changes, rain or strong winds, and have sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the strong sunlight and high ultraviolet levels.

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